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Business challenge

Business challenge

CQM provide lean implementation, management training and strategy development services to businesses across the UK. When we took the company on as a support contract customer, the team were facing a growing problem with keeping track of document changes. Staff often work on client sites, updating shared documents on their own devices while they are away. With no central storage point, people were also tending to email edited versions of documents to colleagues. As a result, multiple versions of a document were in circulation, with the final version having to be created by cutting and pasting from the various edited versions. On top of this, the fact people were out of the office so often meant communication had become a real challenge.

The strategic solution

  • Implemented Microsoft Office 365 across the company.
  • Moved all documents into a cloud-based SharePoint system.
  • Set up individual permissions and other security measures.
  • Migrated email to the Office 365 environment.
  • Set up Yammer – a Facebook-style social network for business.
  • Set up Skype.
  • Installed Office 2016 for each user so they can work from up to 5 devices.
  • Set up the new system on all phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Supported staff through implementation.

The outcome

With SharePoint and other Office 365 features in place, CQM has cut out confusion over multiple versions
of documents and is improving collaboration and increasing productivity.

The outcome
  • Productivity has improved and collaboration has become faster and easier.
  • There’s no more document duplication and no more emailing of edited versions. With each document stored centrally in the cloud, people can make changes from wherever they are working – with earlier versions archived as part of a clear audit trail.
  • Even when staff are working in locations without internet access, they can make changes knowing the document will be synced the next time they are online.
  • People are kept in the loop and projects move faster, because it’s easy to chat online, share information, and hold project or theme-related conversations.
  • Documents are safe and secure.
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