Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) for business continuity for GMB Credit Union

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Business challenge

Business challenge

GMB Credit Union is an ethical savings and loan provider for GMB members. When we took them on as a support customer, they were still using USB drives for backup. This was a concern for three reasons. First, it meant they risked losing data if the drive was damaged, lost or stolen. Second, there was no backup for applications. If the system had gone down, the team there would have been no way for the team to open documents or access data. Third, the process relied on there being a member of staff available to switch the drives morning and evening, regardless of sickness and holidays.

The strategic solution

  • Set up a stand-alone back-up server that backs up both files and a complete image of the server automatically every 15 minutes.
  • Set up the back-up server to send files and server images to a secure data centre every 15 minutes.

The outcome

We provided GMB credit union with a complete automated backup, recovery and business continuity solution. Now, they know they’re no longer at risk of losing data and that they could be up and running again fast if anything happened to their server or their office.

The outcome

San-IT have provided excellent development and support which has enabled us to grow our business very quickly

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