Cyber Essentials certification and cyber security for Hiring Hub

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Business challenge

Business challenge

Based in Manchester, Hiring Hub works to help employers find and work with specialist recruitment agencies, while giving agencies access to great jobs.

To mature its IT systems and security, supporting a drive to acquire enterprise clients for a new product, Hiring Hub sought a partner that could provide support, technical help, reassurance, and value for money.

San-iT were selected to help Hiring Hub achieve this and aid in developing policies. The timeframe was only two weeks, in which time we needed to ensure Hiring Hub achieved its Cyber Essentials certification, and carry out penetration testing and app vulnerability checking.

The strategic solution

Our extensive experience meant we were able to:

  • Consult and methodically guide Hiring Hub through an InfoSec questionnaire, applying best practice knowledge to ensure this was completed satisfactorily.
  • Identify missing and incomplete policies, and put a plan in place to resolve all issues around the required documentation.
  • Scope out and prepare the questionnaire responses for Hiring Hub to gain Cyber Essentials certification. The remedial work required to achieve accreditation was also delivered.
  • Arranged with third parties who looked after applications and servers to pass governance back to the CTO for the server and Amazon Web Services. This gives the client central ability to be completely information security-aware across the whole business.
  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure Hiring Hub staff were continually Cyber Essentials aware. This included running an agent on each machine that reports back on the Cyber Essentials status for that device.

The outcome

As a result of the work delivered by San-iT:

The outcome
  • Hiring Hub successfully won a tender for an enterprise client contract that they wouldn’t previously have been eligible for, securing an important piece of business.
  • Policies and procedures are now in place to provide more robust security, including an improved onboarding process and ongoing training to ensure staff are more aware of the potential threats. Hiring Hub is now equipped and ready to respond to future tenders with similar requirements.
  • They have now also made the decision to join San-iT for full support and act as liaison with third parties for their business.

San-iT reacted quickly to our requests and delivered an initial audit before proposing an ongoing solution at a price we felt represented good value for money. We’ve been partners ever since.

Simon Swan, Founder & CEO Hiring Hub

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