Data Replication, Centralised Access, Business Continuity for Lundy Projects

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Business challenge

Business challenge

Lundy Projects provide engineering, fabrication and construction services for railway infrastructure projects. Major clients include Network Rail.

The company has several offices around the UK, and holds a massive amount of data relating to the various projects they are involved with.

The team had recognised it was no longer efficient for staff only to be able to access files from one location, and were also concerned about what would happen should systems at any one site fail. A cloud-based solution such as Office 365 or simply Sharepoint wouldn’t have been the answer, because the company also have centralised management systems to which all staff need access.

The strategic solution

  • Introduced a distributed file system replication service (DFSR) across multiple servers within the business.
  • Configured the system to meet staff and operational needs.
  • Supported the team as they started to use the new system.

The outcome

Our data replication service is allowing Lundy Projects staff in multiple offices to access files and management systems as if they were all located on a single server. At the same time, it’s giving the company
a reliable business continuity solution.

The outcome
  • The company no longer worry about work coming to a standstill as a result of IT failure or office disaster. No matter what happens to a particular server, another server will take over.
  • Users in each of the offices have fast and reliable access to data, management systems and other system resources.
  • Staff can manage and use files as if they were all located on a single server, without needing to know the physical location of the file.
  • All documentation is securely stored.
  • If there’s a problem with a document, staff can easily access a backup copy – and backups are available almost instantly after editing, because the service replicates only the change rather than copying the complete file again.
  • People working on project sites or elsewhere can use the system via remote access.
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