Disaster Recovery for Union Colours

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Business challenge

Business challenge

Union Colours is an international division of the largest organic pigment manufacturer in China. Their main production site is in China, they have satellite production units around the world, and their head office is in Stockport.

The IT infrastructure provides 24-hour access for people placing orders from all corners of the globe and also underpins the vital internal quality systems that ensure pigments meet international quality standards.

The company asked San-iT to look at options for upgrading their disaster recovery plans, as they’d recognised it was essential business could continue no matter what happened to the network.

The strategic solution

  • San-iT implemented a failover solution that meant systems are available 24/7 in the event a of a disaster taking place.
  • We configured advanced alerting and process management so all parties are kept well informed when a disaster takes place and what action should be taken.

The outcome

With our comprehensive security and back-up systems in place, support contract customer Union Colours now operate free from the worry that an IT issue could take down online ordering or stop production.

The outcome

Amazed at what could be achieved with the budget

Bo Zhu Union Colours

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