Apprenticeships and Career Opportunities at San-iT

For the past ten years, San-iT has been giving fresh talent exceptional career opportunities.

Apprentices at the Manchester-based IT support business gain hands-on experience and an opportunity to develop their skills in a friendly and nurturing environment.

So what is it like to work for a flourishing IT business that’s always ahead of the curve?

We look at first-hand experiences from San-iT apprentices, investigate how the company supports them and why it chooses to invest in the experts of tomorrow.

IT Support Apprenticeships

San-iT is a business that cares deeply for its people. It is committed to providing its apprentices with long-term career prospects within the business, helping them break into the industry, enjoy the perks of a close-knit team and feel secure in a job they love.

How does San-iT recruit new talent?

The IT business is supported by two training providers that source candidates for the apprenticeships.

To ensure San-iT gains committed new team members, only recruits who are a good fit with the company and are dedicated to a career in IT get offered roles.

San-iT works closely with training providers to help apprentices progress through their levels.

For example, Michael Gregg (recruited by training provider, QA) was a Level 2 apprentice when he first joined San-iT. He has now completed his Level 3 apprenticeship programme and is ready to start Level 4.

Michael will soon be a fully-qualified IT professional, thanks to his hard work and the practical training he receives. As with San-iT’s other apprentices, he enjoys working with the team, joining them for gatherings outside of work from charity events to social dinners and evenings out.

Apprenticeship schemes allow San-iT to fulfill its wish in helping bright and brilliant individuals land their dream roles. In the process, the business gains a long-term solution to talent gaps – and many more business boosting benefits as you’re about to discover.

Benefits of Apprenticeships

The business’ apprentices gain not only on-the-job training but inspiration and motivation to excel in their careers.

And it’s also a symbiotic partnership. As apprentices benefit from these unique opportunities – with many trainees becoming permanent staff members – the business reaps fantastic rewards.

Investing in San-iT’s Future

Taking on apprentices is a clever way to grow the team. Mentors within the business pass on their skills to new talent, securing expert staff for the future.

What’s more, training in this way is incredibly fulfilling. For staff, sharing their knowledge and helping young people do what they enjoy strengthens their passion for IT.

Motivated teachers result in highly-engaged apprentices. A strategy for growth is the added bonus, fuelled by committed and remarkably skilled new talent.

San-iT’s director, Louise Lowe, expands on this:

“We’ve been lucky to have excellent young talent progress through the business and make a valuable contribution to its growth. For example, our current head of service delivery originally came to us as an apprentice. He blew us away with his skills and enthusiasm and is now an integral part of the team.”

Apprenticeship Training

San-iT gives its people ample time to fit their training in. As a result, apprentices receive quality guidance and this, in turn, enhances a mentor’s own skill development.

It invites employees to look closely at what they do and why they do it. They discover new ways of approaching internal processes, illuminating areas that can be strengthened while evolving their own skills.

This benefits the business massively. It supports an agile approach to work, and clients receive an unbeatable service.

Real Apprenticeship Stories

Amarjit Singh joined the business in 2013 as an apprentice. He is now a central part of the San-iT family as head of service delivery.

San-iT not only gave Amarjit a foot in the door but a place within a tight-knit team. He sheds light on his journey so far and what the apprenticeship scheme did for him:

“Joining San-iT as an apprentice in 2013 certainly kickstarted my career in the technology industry with a bang! The apprenticeship allowed me to develop a vast range of skills and exposed me to many areas of the business ranging from technical to commercial.

The scheme allowed me to apply my current knowledge to the real world by supporting and developing business infrastructures first hand. Alongside the in-house exposure, the scheme also ran academy-based training and development sessions where fortnightly visits contributed to achieving industry-recognised qualifications.

I have been incredibly lucky to progress and hold a key role within San-iT today. I would certainly recommend an apprenticeship as a path to your dream career.”

Adam Lowe recently became an IT support technician for the business. His San-iT career started with an apprenticeship, where he gained essential business skills and technical know-how to excel in his role.

Adam slotted effortlessly into the team – he’s even been dubbed ‘Lad as a Service’ by his peers thanks to his hardworking and friendly nature. He describes his experience as an apprentice and moving on up in the IT-verse:

“Working with San-IT has improved my career vastly. The training I’ve received has strengthened my technical knowledge and personal relationships within IT. The whole team has contributed to my growth and I feel very confident in my duties.

Training while at work has given me invaluable hands-on experience. I have had excellent exposure to the day-to-day tasks in addition to advanced technical jobs. San-iT has enabled me to feel proud of the work I’ve achieved and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Kickstart your dream career with a company that’s fully invested in your future. Get in touch with San-iT today for more information about our unrivalled apprenticeship schemes.

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