Is it Better to Work for an MSP or In-House?

In July, we celebrated Mat K-M’s one-year anniversary at San-iT.  Mat came to us from an in-house role as the sole IT support member. Today, he is part of an elite team of experts, working hard to deliver an exceptional service to our clients.

In this interview, Mat explains how moving to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has enabled him to progress further in his career. He also shares what it’s like to work at San-iT and how our elite team structure impacts his performance.

A big change for better opportunities

“Previous to joining San-iT, I was working in-house for a company as their sole IT expert for five years. It was a high-pressure role. The weight of the business’ IT challenges was on my shoulders and mine alone. I’d developed the systems and processes and felt like I’d achieved all I could in that environment and couldn’t progress personally because there was no ladder to climb.”

“So, in 2018, I decided to look for new opportunities and this led me to San-iT. Moving to an MSP was a mammoth change. I joined a team of 30 people. Suddenly, I had others I could go to for support which helped me focus on my personal development.”

Getting exposure to new technologies

“I also really valued having exposure to new technologies. This rarely happens when you’re working in-house as part of a small team or one-person show. Because the business doesn’t have the budget or inclination to spend on updating its software and hardware”.

“I only realised how different things could be when I joined San-iT. The company is focused on staying ahead of the technology game. This means employees can learn how to work with the latest software and hardware”.

“I discovered how to maximise Office 365 to revolutionise how my clients and I work. I also discovered how using cloud portals gives you the ability to manage and monitor all your customer sites in one place without leaving your desk. It’s a game-changer in terms of efficiency and quality of service”.

“The best part is that when a client calls – because you have instant access to their systems and so much knowledge – nine times out of ten you can answer most problems in seconds, ensuring customers’ businesses continue to run efficiently and smoothly.”

Elite teams are rocket fuel for personal development

“San-iT don’t operate like a standard MSP. Their elite teams structure means we can offer excellent customer service whilst continually being challenged with new projects and technologies. I couldn’t imagine it being any other way. It’s extremely effective in terms of helping us expand our skills and be more productive.

“We work in pods of around six people and have ownership of our respective clients and projects. Working in smaller units means we can share information a lot easier. For example, if you overhear one team talking about a project you’ve never tackled before, you can join in on the discussion and learn new skills.

“It helps that everyone is as willing to share information as they are to learn. We have this great environment where everyone is looking out for each other.”

One big family

“The office is a fun and relaxed environment – a home away from home. Everyone gets along really well and is always up for a laugh.”

“With the recent office expansion, we have ample space to relax and eat lunch together away from our desks. Everyone gets a quality break and a chance to recharge among great company”.

“We also regularly do things outside of work together, whether that’s drinks on a Friday night or a mid-week meal out. These chilled socials really help us bond as a larger team and this massively affects the enjoyment we get out of our work.”

A chance to do good

“For me, one of the huge benefits of working for San-iT is that I get an extra paid day to do charity work. The company offers one volunteering day a year that isn’t classed as a holiday. I use this day to work at a children’s holiday camp up North. It’s a fantastic scheme for ensuring we have the time to give back.”

Working in an MSP vs in-house

“For anyone thinking of pursuing a career in IT, I would personally recommend choosing the MSP route. Often the problem with working in-house is that you end up doing a lot of process-related IT work. This means that when you leave the company, a lot of the knowledge and skills you’ve gained are out the window. You have to start from scratch.”

“With an MSP, you learn new skills at a much higher rate since you’re exposed to more technology and projects. It’s a great place to be if you want to climb the ladder in IT. I’m currently a 1st and 2nd line support engineer but owing to the fact that I get to work on projects alongside our 3rd line support engineers, I learn new skills on the job and can progress much more quickly”.

Want to accelerate your career in IT? 

San-iT can help you develop new skills, build your confidence and progress in your career. For more details about our job opportunities, simply give us a call on 0800 084 2575. You can also email us at [email protected].

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