15 Reasons to Join San-iT’s IT Support Team

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”

Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker.

IT workers are often better known for their technical wizardry than for being people persons. But not at SAN-iT. Our success is founded on the premise that our team members need to be IT masters who communicate clearly and enjoy helping people.

If you’re thinking of moving on from your existing IT role and you’re based in the North West or happy to relocate, SAN-iT could be the place for you. To help you decide whether we could be a good match, we’ve put together this list of 15 reasons to join our business.

Our MD Has Been Where You Are

Our founder, Barry Lowe, left the corporate world of IT to help SMEs make the most of available technology. Having worked his way up over the course of 15 years, Barry understands the challenges that often come with a career in IT.

From a lack of personal development to feeling excluded from interesting work, Barry wanted to build a work culture to address these challenges while making SAN-iT a fantastic organisation to do business with. That’s why the way we do things at SAN-iT is such a strong part of our business model.

There’s Never a Dull Day

SAN-iT has over 140 clients and we’re continuing to expand our portfolio so there’s always something new to be part of. Thanks to the wide range of systems our clients operate, the work remains interesting and varied as we get to grips with old and new technologies. As well as understanding clients’ systems, we also need to appreciate different approaches to the application IT to fit their specific business model.

We ensure all the team, no matter their job role or level of experience, get involved in different projects to keep them interested. Service Team Lead, Amarjit Singh says:

“We’re exposed to new, old and present technologies and we have areas for development and training to ensure we’re moving with the technological times.”

What does this mean in practice? You could be working on a range of disciplines including some of our growth areas like backup disaster recovery, Customer Relationship Management solutions,

intrusion prevention systems, cloud computing and VoIP.

 You’ll Feel Appreciated

We don’t tie our clients into a long-term contract which means they’re always free to vote with their feet if they’re not happy with the service we provide. That’s why we place so much emphasis on building long-term relationships and providing consistently excellent service levels with both customers and providers.

We become an extended part of our clients’ team, understanding their business goals and directing our efforts to help meet them. This means that you’ll be a valued part of our clients’ team as well as our own.

You’ll Be Trusted to Solve Problems

If you’re the person closest to one of our clients’ businesses, we’ll turn to you to help solve problems and contribute ideas to developing the service we provide.

We’ve grown this far by working as a team to decide how to progress the service we offer as a business. And we’ll continue to seek your input and ideas to help us continue to grow. We’re not averse to taking the initiative with educated risks and we understand that failure is part of this approach. This makes SAN-iT an exciting place to work and a great place to learn.

 We’re Nice People

Working collaboratively relies on everyone having a voice which means there’s no room for big egos. Office politics and gossip are also out as we want the team to be able to trust one another.

When we recruit, we look for people who can demonstrate the ability to work well with others and we prioritise how well we think an individual will fit within the team. Amarjit notes:

“The culture here is relaxed and focussed. We’re committed to getting the job done and we’re a close-knit team that likes to see ourselves as approachable.”

By creating a sense of equality across the team, we‘re happy when our colleagues succeed and we share in one another’s successes. Being ready and willing to support one another is also a core behaviour we look for as we know there’s strength in numbers and that good things come from cooperation.

Our people are open, honest and friendly and prefer to explain things simply rather than making themselves sound intelligent by talking in tech-speak or throwing jargon around. That applies when we speak to our customers and our colleagues and we want people who can fit in with this way of working.

We Collaborate to Learn

There’s a wealth of knowledge in SAN-iT and we love to create opportunities for colleagues to educate one another and share their expertise. This helps us all to learn more and strengthen our individual and collective knowledge which also improves the service we provide to our customers.

If you share this outlook and you have the technical skills we need, we could be the right company for you.

 We Believe in Give and Take

Lots of businesses say they offer flexible working but not every business makes it feel ok to put policy into practice.

At SAN-iT we pride ourselves on making flexible working a reality. Our team know they can take time off to fulfil personal commitments during work hours, like going to watch their child’s nativity or making an emergency trip to the vet.

This works both ways and when we need them to, our people put in the extra hours knowing the gesture will be reciprocated when they next need some flexibility.

Our Reward Package is Competitive

We provide a clear job and pay structure so you can see how to progress within the company. Our pay rates are based on your level of experience and local market rates to ensure our compensation is competitive and fair.

In addition to your salary, you’ll also get a mix of benefits, including pension contributions, 28 days’ holiday and a paid day off for your birthday.

We also understand the importance of providing personal development plans accompanied by investment in training and professional growth. Amarjit is a case in point. He started with us as an IT apprentice and, in five years, has worked his way up to become the Service Team Lead.

Initially working with hardware to help businesses deliver their services and applications effectively Amarjit moved on to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier service support before progressing to become technical lead.

Today, he works as Service Team Lead and is currently attending a management leadership programme to help him bring out the best in his team and identify his reports’ personal development needs.

Combined with annual performance management meetings, we place personal development at the heart of our people practices throughout the year. Whether you need to enhance technical or softer skills, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to assess your progress and look to the year ahead to identify your development needs.

Work in a Lovely Location That’s Easy to Access

Our team start the day off right with a straightforward commute to the attractive Manchester suburb of Cheadle Hulme via the M60 or M56. And for those who don’t or choose not to drive, we’re also a two-minute stroll from the train station. We’re within reach of the local shops so it’s easy to pop out at lunchtime to grab something to eat or carry out errands.

You’ll Have Fun

We try to make every day an enjoyable one by doing small things that make a big difference. Not only is the office an open plan environment with music playing in the background, but we have a relaxed atmosphere that helps us stay calm and in control even when the pressure’s on.

We also provide free lunches so we can get together on Treat Tuesdays, we have breakfast butties with fresh coffee on Friday mornings and there’s beer in the fridge to end the week.

You Get to Give Back

Helping people solve their IT issues can sometimes feel heroic but every now and again we step out of the office, don our capes and do something spectacular for charity.

A recent event that springs to mind is the team abseil we completed to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. We raised over £1,000 by walking backwards off the top of the 240-foot Liberty Heights building in Manchester and abseiling to the bottom. Not one for the faint of heart!

You’ll Be Part of a Growing Business

While we celebrate our successes, we’re never completely happy with what we’ve achieved and are always looking for ways to improve. It’s this drive for excellence that has seen the business grow. And we’re not ready to stop just yet.

Our expansion plans are ambitious with a target of £1.7m turnover and 25 employees by 2020. Having secured a place on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme, we’re well on our way to achieving our goals.

In fact, one of our aims is to open a number of satellite offices to provide our services to other areas of the UK which will create a whole range of job opportunities in the future.

 Great Career Development Potential

SAN-iT is a business that’s always looking forward. We make informed decisions about where our customers and technology are heading so we can provide a service that works both today and in the future.

We know our business is only as good as the people in it and we understand that we have to keep looking to the future to find better ways to work. Technology never stands still so neither do our teams’ development needs which is why we ensure we develop all our people to put us ahead of the game.

We’re currently a silver Microsoft provider and we’re working towards gold status. This means we are committed to continuing to develop our team so we can deliver at the standard required to achieve and maintain this enviable status.

Once You’re In We Want to Keep You

Our business model is based on having an excellent team who can deliver consistently outstanding service levels. To do this, we need to keep hold of the people we’ve spent time and money developing. That’s why we like to hire the best people and keep them with us by ensuring everyone feels happy, motivated and well rewarded.

No Middlemen – We Recruit Directly

Wherever possible we recruit without using agencies. This means you get to deal with us directly and get an understanding of your role and an insight into the organisation straight from the people you’ll be working with.

SAN-iT is a business that’s always looking forward. We make informed decisions about where our customers and technology are heading so we can provide a service that works both today and in the future. How we implement our technical knowledge is as important as the solution we provide which is why SAN-iT isn’t right for everyone.

If you think you’ve got the right attitude, mindset and technical capability, get in touch.


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