How San-iT Can Help You Accelerate Your Career in Tech

Since joining us in 2013, Seb Graham has experienced rapid career development.  

Over six years, he has been promoted three times. Today, he is our Commercial Director, working on improving San-iT’s processes, acquiring new clients and helping our existing customers make the most out of their business-boosting technology. 

What’s it like to grow alongside the business? And what are the biggest benefits of developing an IT career with us? 

In this blog, Seb answers these questions and explores the impact of working side-by-side with a tight-knit and highly supportive team. 

Fresh out of university  

“I have always gravitated towards IT. Growing up alongside the explosion of the internet, I’ve been fascinated by the impact technology has on the world. 

“I took this passion to Aberystwyth University where I studied Computer Science and Business. My degree included a sandwich year where I worked as an ICT and Media Technician for the university’s technical support team.  

“During this role, I undertook all aspects of second-line support for the University’s staff, students and local residents alongside supporting local businesses with their IT and media support. I gained a lot of valuable experience, not only in dealing with technical problems but working closely with people.  

“In the summer of 2013, I finished university. Come September, after applying for a few positions in the field of computing, I was offered an IT Support Technician role for San-iT.” 

Rapid skill development  

“From the get-go, I was fully immersed in the business. I was the fifth team member when I joined San-iT and it was all hands on deck.  

“I dealt with clients’ directly, helping them with their IT-related issues and ensuring they understood the new systems we implemented for their businesses. I also worked on ad-hoc projects internally to help the business improve its processes.  

“The learning curves were huge which was great – I developed new skills at speed. As a result, within six months I was promoted to ICT Support Team Leader. Essentially, it was an extension of my previous role but with the added responsibility of leading a team of IT technicians.  

“I really enjoyed my new leadership responsibilities and experienced a lot of personal growth from this role. I also had the autonomy to pursue new specialisms within the business.”  

Expansive technical freedom  

“Since San-iT doesn’t have any specialist departments (the company operates on an ‘everyone covers everything’ basis), employees can get involved in all areas of the business. 

“If I wanted to learn new skills or get involved with providing a new service, I had the freedom to progress and play a vital role in the process. As a result, I was able to develop my IT skill-set into a comprehensive and multifaceted one.  

“Plus, the team always valued my input, giving me the confidence and freedom to work on my own projects and ideas (which is still true today). Thanks to this extra level of independence, I feel like I’ve truly had an impact on the business and my clients which is extremely rewarding and motivating.”   

Business growth equals personal growth  

“San-iT has evolved a lot since its inception. Not only have I had the pleasure of witnessing this growth but I have progressed substantially alongside the business.  

“In 2015, I was promoted to San-iT’s Technical Operations Manager. My role was to support the business during its rapid expansion, improving internal processes and implementing new software to accommodate a growing team.  

“I was also overseeing eight team members and my people skills developed dramatically. It was my responsibility to carry out appraisals and assess performance to ensure all staff were providing the highest level of service to our clients.  

“My progression didn’t end there. In March 2017, I advanced to Commercial Director. The business was 20 -strong at the time, increasing six fold since I joined back in 2013.  

“San-iT was still focussed on growth. To ensure we expanded in good health, I worked closely with Barry (San-iT’s Managing Director) and Matt (our Solution’s Architect) on account reviews and bringing in the right clients.  

“We also concentrated on delivering more value to our clients through robust technology plans. This was the strategic approach we used to future-proof San-iT. By offering the same service to our clients, we ensured they could enjoy high-growth too.”  

What it’s like working for San-iT today?  

“I love being the Commercial Director. I’m pushed outside of my comfort zone daily as it’s my responsibility to seek out new business opportunities. I frequently attend networking events to connect with new clients and build on our existing relationships.   

“I also work closely with the Technical Team, ensuring our internal processes are efficient. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for new product offerings and solutions to help our clients improve their daily operations and drive cost efficiency.  

“It’s a privilege to know that every day I am making a difference to the business. I don’t just feel like a number. I get to see first-hand the impact of my work, from helping a client grow their business to ensuring San-iT progresses alongside new technological advancements.  

“Moreover, I come into the office every day with a smile on my face. We have a rare culture where everyone is approachable, supportive and relaxed. Most days it doesn’t feel like I’m going to work – the fact that we now have a lounge and state-of-the-art kitchen helps (you can read more about our new office extension in this blog).  

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for San-iT. And the fact that I get to play a huge role in ensuring we succeed makes it all the more exciting.”  

Inspired by how you can develop your career in IT?  

Are you passionate about technology? Looking to work for a flourishing business where your opinion is valued? Then we want you. 

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