What Is It Like to Do an Apprenticeship with San-iT?

At the heart of San-iT is fresh talent who look at the world with new eyes and catalyse positive change by breaking convention.

Adam Lowe is one such San-iT employee who came to us in October 2017 as an apprentice.

Through stepping out of his comfort zone and overcoming big learning curves he has mastered challenging technical skills and earnt his place as a permanent member of the team. 

This is what Adam has to say about his career journey with San-iT so far.

No Experience Required 

“I was working at a restaurant in Manchester after recently finishing college. I quickly realised I didn’t want to be doing this forever, so I started to think about other career paths. 

“I’ve always enjoyed IT and learning about new technologies. So when I saw an advertisement on Indeed for an apprenticeship with a local IT support consultancy, I applied straight away. 

“With the job market being so competitive and having no experience, I didn’t expect to hear back from the business so quickly. QA, the organisation which facilitates apprenticeships for San-iT, called me the day after I applied. I was shocked to say the least.”

Landing the Job in One Week 

“QA wanted me to come into their offices for an interview. It was a very swift process. A QA consultant sat me down, asked me a couple of questions and then explained what the interview would be like with San-iT. 

“Two days later, I was being interviewed by Amarjit (San-iT’s Support Team Leader) and Seb (San-iT’s Commercial Director). It was a friendly and informal interview – rather than being grilled, they simply wanted to get to know me on a personal level and were very open to any questions I had. I felt immediately at ease, and everyone else I met that day were really welcoming. 

“It was instantly clear to me that San-iT was a relaxed company and that I would fit in well with the team. They seemed to be very professional but weren’t afraid to throw around some banter, which is exactly the type of environment I wanted to work in. 

“Fortunately, they liked me too and I received a job offer on the same day. I was amazed that I had the job within one week of applying. Both QA and San-iT were so incredibly organised.”

Accelerated Learning and Skill Development 

I had heard so many horror stories from my friends about starting a new job and being bored out of your mind for the first few weeks because nobody has the time to train you up. My experience at San-iT was the opposite.

“I shadowed my colleague Mike for the first few weeks, who was also doing an apprenticeship. We spent most of our time in the tech room which is where we get to know the hardware, build computers and take apart faulty equipment. I was also trained up on our key customers and their backgrounds.

“You could definitely say I was thrown into the deep end. But I’m thankful for it. I learnt new critical skills rapidly, such as how to identify hardware issues, come up with fixes and set up new equipment.

“A few months in and I was in a customer-facing role helping people resolve their technical issues over the phone. This was really valuable experience – learning how to communicate with people effectively has helped me not only in my job but in my day-to-day life.” 

Becoming a Permanent Member of the San-iT Family 

“In October, I’ll have been with San-iT for two years. When my apprenticeship ended, I was promoted to 1st/2nd Line Support and I have much more responsibility. For example, I recently visited one of our client’s sites, Manchester Life, to mount the wireless access points. It was great being directly involved in such a big project.

“Also, a huge part of my role is training customers in new software. For instance, I regularly visit our clients to help them understand how SharePoint works, teaching them how to add in document libraries and use sync mode. I also train them on Office 365 products such as Outlook, showing them how to use shared mailboxes and many more useful features.

“I love having this high level of responsibility. It’s really rewarding seeing how you’ve directly impacted a client, equipping them with the knowledge needed to make the most out of their IT solutions. I thought it would take many years to get to this point. Instead, I’ve learnt the skills and knowledge needed to accelerate my career in just two years.”

Growing Alongside the Business

“One of the biggest reasons I’ve progressed so quickly is because of the way San-iT has evolved. For example, the recent inclusion of Elite Teams has helped us all become more customer-focused. This has enabled the team to become stronger and more effective in all areas of the business. 

“Also, because we operate as a small unit rather than have each department sectioned off, I am exposed to all kinds of projects and new technologies helping me evolve my skills organically.”

The Best Part of Working at San-iT? 

“Without doubt it’s the people who make working at San-iT so enjoyable. We’re a tight-knit group comprised of all kinds of different characters and quirks. Everybody brings something unique to the table, whether it’s grade-A banter, next-level pool table skills or the best dad jokes you’ve ever heard. 

“Thanks to the new office extension, we can enjoy each other’s company more. I personally love chilling in the lounge after a quick lunch, catching up with my colleagues and discussing different projects. 

“Ultimately, coming into work never feels like a chore. And I’m excited to see what’s in store for me over the next couple of years. If the past two years are anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing.”

Some Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Apprentices 

“My advice to anyone looking to do an apprenticeship with San-iT? Tackle the challenges and learning curves head on and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Also, prepare to give and take on-point banter!”

Think you might be San-iT material? 

We’re always on the look-out for fresh talent committed to a career in IT. Contact us on 0800 084 2575 or send us a message to [email protected] for a friendly chat about our career opportunities.

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