Five ways Emerge can help improve… business efficiencies

Streamline & automate

When minor problems happen within an organisation, solving them can often become the responsibility of many individuals within the wider team. So what do they do? Jump onto Google and solve it by the path of least resistance with short term cost and time to implement usually key criteria in software or platform selection.

Over time, this will lead to many independently run software packages causing data duplication, inconsistency issues and potentially spiralling costs. It can also be quite draining and even stressful for colleagues having to train up and remember how to use so many different platforms.

Many company tasks still require a human touch – they just do – but so many of our day-to-day manual processes can now be automated, saving serious amounts of time on laborious tasks that often frustrate and demotivate people.

Through our Emerge process, San-iT will recommend solutions that simplify, integrate and automate as many tasks as possible.

Collaborate better

As the country went into lockdown earlier this year, many businesses were forced to quickly adapt to new ways of working. Quite often these remote methods are not always conducive to effectively supporting people in roles who need to regularly collaborate with others on projects.

In particular, it’s difficult with older technology to have multiple users accessing a single document to collaborate. Even video or screen sharing doesn’t quite always cut it. Modern cloud-based technology allows multiple users to edit documents together in real time.

Additionally, existing systems may be slow and if accessing a server onsite from home becomes too cumbersome, colleagues might start saving and storing data locally. Centralised data is then out of date, or in some cases not even stored on company devices and therefore may not be backed up.

Effective collaboration saves time, money and sometimes embarrassment in front of customers.

Improve remote-working

Remote teams can easily lead to breakdown in communication, silo culture, dilution of values and inconsistent behaviours. This can become a huge fix if left unmanaged.

Companies have been forced to use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Teams with very little training in place and quite often a lack of understanding of hardware being used. We’ve all experienced video meetings with colleagues or contacts without webcams working or a suitable quality of mic. It can be a disjointed, awkward experience… especially with customers.

With so many options to communicate internally and externally, a clearly defined technology and communications strategy will ensure best working practices are observed across the entire organisation.

  • Email
  • Teams / Skype messaging
  • Teams sections & chats
  • WhatsApp
  • Mobile Phones (personal or work)

Finally, many phone systems aren’t really set-up for home working, and might be getting diverted to a single phone. VOIP cloud-based systems solve this with either a handset at home, or a “soft phone” on a PC with headset or phone app on the mobile.

Maximum performance

A continual frustration for business leaders and workers is when things are generally… just slow. This could be main CRM applications sat on servers, email systems, or end-user machines. It’s essential to get the right blend of hardware and software based on potential usage – with future scalability firmly front in mind. Buy cheap, buy twice is quite often the case when hardware is procured from places such as PC World on special offer, and simply isn’t fit for purpose.

We’re also happy to work closely with your third party key software and hardware suppliers. Generally, this involves some form of technical conversations, or changes required to networking or server access – the conversations you probably dread and that other MSPs aren’t happy to have. San-iT have it covered.

Let the experts at San-iT road-map your hardware specification requirements and solve all of these frustrating issues.

Connectivity boost

We’re all highly dependent upon fast, reliable internet for so many of our regular working practices. It really does matter.

But outside of a standard internet connection most people don’t really know where to turn to in order to improve internet coming into a building and also making best usage across multiple rooms through signal extenders.

With so many options available, little clarity and no single place to get this information from, we’re happy to make recommendations and offer a number of solutions in this area.

As you can probably gather, all of these issues interact, overlap and hinder the efficiency of your business, reducing profits and causing unnecessary stress for colleagues.

EMERGE is our bespoke, scalable IT audit & consultancy service. It takes a holistic view across your entire technology landscape and will provide a road-map and plan to solve all of the above challenges and support your business growth.

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