5 Goal Tracking Technology Apps to Help Your Business

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Struggling to stay on track? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, you need a goal-setting app.

Here are five of the best for Android or iPhone:


This is the highest-rated goal-tracking app on the Google Play Store. Marketed as the SMART goal-setting app to keep you motivated, Goalmap promises to make you the “very best version of yourself”.

Using the SMART objective-setting method, the app has built-in steps to ensure each goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. This approach helps you carefully consider your goals and means you’ll be able to measure where you’re up to.

If choosing your own aims sounds too much like hard work, you can visit the goal store where you can add your top ten targets for the year. Choose from personal aims, like drinking enough water, or expand your horizons with something ambitious such as learning a new art or craft.

As you track your progress in the log, you can visualise your achievements and analyse your results on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

With programmed tips and encouragement that are designed to keep you motivated and on track, you’ll soon stop procrastinating and be building habits that achieve more.

Available on Android and iOS


Super-powerful and easy to use, Strides will see you, well, taking great strides towards conquering specific goals.

For example, want to read more books or save a specific sum of money? Simply pick your goal, set your target and set a date you want to achieve it by.

Next, you’ll be asked to specify the action you need to take to turn your goal into a habit. This could be reading ten pages per day or putting £50 a month into a savings account.

If you’re a little forgetful, you can set up handy reminders, so you always remember to take action. The theory is that by starting and maintaining daily habits you’ll achieve your overall goals.

The app tracks your activity by day, week, month or year and can even supply a rolling average. You can add updates using a mobile device or online knowing all your data will be synced to your account so you’ll always see your latest stats, helping you to keep on track.

Available on iOS


As the name suggests, this goal-setting app is more work focussed. It allows you to manage and track all your projects in one place, so you can set goals, track progress and crush them.

Monday.com differs to other goal-setting apps because it’s not just about personal goals but your team’s as well.

Simply add in each team member to the app, assign team-mates to specific tasks and you’ll be able to see who’s doing what and where they’re up to. With all the data presented on a single board, you can keep on top of everything that’s going on at-a-glance.

Traffic light colour coding allows team members to indicate project statuses so you can quickly see where you’re ahead of the game, on-point or where people need help.

Far from being a big brother style app, Monday.com helps you connect with your team. There’s the option to use social interactions to comment on a colleagues’ work and emojis mean you can give a thumbs up for work completed.

You can also streamline your documents by uploading them to the system, so you have a single place to work from.

If one of your personal goals is to be more in control at work, this is the app for you.

Available on Android and iOS.

Google Goals

Do you use Google Calendar? Have you already got enough apps on your mobile device? Do you like everything to be aligned? Then take a look at Google Goals.

Simply click on the plus sign on your calendar and you’ll be presented with the option to set goals as well as reminders.

To set a goal (like “read more”), just answer a few questions such as “how often?” and “best time?” Google Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best windows to pencil time in.

Better still, the app helps you hold time in your Google Calendar giving you the best chance of meeting your goals. For example, if you try to book something at the same time as you have a goal-based activity booked in, the calendar will help you by rescheduling.

This is a far cry from some of the other, more intensive goal-setting apps. But if you just want to set a few minor goals without the rigmarole of learning yet another app, this will get you to where you need to go.

Available on Android.

Habit Streak

In line with a number of the other goal-setting apps featured in this blog, Habit Streak is all about encouraging you to take small regular steps towards a goal. By repeating the same activity, you’ll form a new habit which will take you all the way to crushing your goal.

Habit Streak’s USP is that it places the emphasis squarely on accountability. The app starts by questioning you about the goals you’ve set and holds you to them using gaming-style methods: miss a day and the habit streak you’ve built up goes back to zero.

Daily reports keep you up to date on progress and you’re free to set goals about pretty much anything from social media usage to diet.

If you’re the kind of person who’ll do whatever it takes to win, this app could be the one for you.

Available on Android and iOS

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