5 Best Technology Podcasts for Businesses

We like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of tech. And podcasts are one of our favourite ways to do it.

If you want to understand more about tech and make the most of your drive home check out our top five technology podcasts.

Tomorrow’s World

Yes, this is the podcast of the BBC programme of the same name. Things have moved on from the often comic and wildly inaccurate predictions of yesteryear.

Instead, you can expect to hear thought-provoking episodes about where technology is heading. Britt Way and Dr Ellie Cosgrave host a twelve-part series that examines how science and tech can solve some of the biggest issues impacting our lives today.

Podcasts are divided into topics so you can find what you’re looking for more easily. Here are some key podcasts from the latest series:

Most of the podcasts are 30 to 45-minutes long making them perfect for your commute.


Although the podcast titles might seem a little click-baity, you can’t help finding out more. Based on the online magazine, Wired, the series explores the interesting stories the Wired team has worked on that week.

Topics are wide-ranging so there really is something for everyone including:

Each 30-minute episode covers at least five stories ranging from the serious to the engagingly trivial. You can expect an episode each week all delivered in an energetic and engaging style.

Women in Business and Technology

For a much-needed female perspective on the often male-dominated world of tech listen to The Women in Business and Technology podcast.

Built to empower women in their careers, the podcasts showcase women in business and technology roles and their male allies. Whether you’re just starting out in the tech industry, managing women for the first time or simply want to know more about interesting tech topics, give this podcast a go.

As you can see from the list below, the presenters Colleen O’Brien and Sonia Dara, secure interviews with major female and male leaders in the tech world. Their conversational style helps their guests open up giving you insights into how to make technology work for everyone.

Recent tech podcasts include:


This podcast features a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues. Each episode is hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and also features two special guests.

Four people, four tech topics, 30 minutes. There’s not much more to add than that except to give you an example of what they cover:

  • #240: Just the Downfall of Humanity
    • Google’s nifty/creepy AI phone calls
    • The iMac turns 20
    • Apple’s security feature that disables USB on the iPhone
    • The state of developer’s percentage on app sales

You can expect all the latest tech events to be covered in one quick and easy podcast.

PC Pro

Calling itself the “the UK’s biggest technology monthly!”, PC Pro podcasts last around an hour and cover the latest computing and technology news. You can be sure of the quality of the content as the team is made up of award-winning editors.

As a news podcast, it’s best to jump in with the latest content. You can expect to hear about current topics like the most recent Windows 10 updates, improvements to Intel’s virus protection and Ikea’s release of Bluetooth speakers.

There’s no list of topics – just click play on the latest recording and get up-to-date with current technology news.

Katie Linendoll

We said five but here’s a freebie.

Emmy-award-winning tech expert Katie Lindendoll might look like the last person you’d expect to be talking tech but she’s clearly not averse to tackling thorny topics.

Take recent episodes that cover issues like the role of Cambridge Analytica in recent elections and what consumers should be aware of when it comes to their privacy and digital footprint.

Other topics include:

This mix of fascinating topics and hands-on advice provides the perfect blend of information to get you thinking and taking action.

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