VoIP Explained with Real Customer Examples

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it’s known. Despite sounding terribly Star Trek, many of us already use VoIP in our everyday lives. It means taking a phone call over the Internet. You can also take video calls this way, send SMS and voice messages.

Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and a host of other online meeting and teleconferencing technologies are VoIP services masquerading as cool or edgy and sometimes corporate brands. If you’re familiar with these, you’ll know they keep costs down and connectivity up.

Other benefits of VoIP include:

  • No need for a physical phone system
  • Phone numbers aren’t tied to a specific location
  • Staff can use all features of the system wherever there’s an internet connection

VoIP supports a mobile workforce and Digital Readiness initiatives, business continuity and cost reduction plans.

Hugely popular and readily adopted, VOIP is expected to grow 10% every year until 2021, when it will be an industry worth $140 billion USD. San-iT frequently services our clients with VOIP connectivity. As go-to VOIP Manchester experts, here are three stories from our clients and their experiences of the technology.

Organon Trustees – Set Up VoIP Phone System

Organon Trustees provides bespoke self-invested pension solutions to financial providers and their high net worth clients. Prizing service above all else, client communication is key.

 Prior to adopting VoIP technology, Organon had an aged ISDN set-up. That is, an Integrated Services Digital Network. With just two channels provided per ISDN line, multiple calls were expensive, as was the addition of extra lines.

Unlike a VoIP solution, this communication network was held in physical premises inside a dedicated cupboard at Organon’s offices. This single point of failure meant if the existing set up failed (or ‘went down’) business would stop. Recognising how communication and connectivity was economically essential to this business, continuity, security and assurance were key to the solution.

San-iT set up and hosted Organon’s VoIP phone system. This immediately provided security that the phone line would never drop, and gave them a far cheaper and flexible service.

Organon has security and savings with this option. Being online, there are zero maintenance costs or servicing fees. It’s a simple, effortless option that gave this client peace of mind.

With VoIP Manchester clients of San-iT can access an online portal where additional lines can be added in an instant. That was the order of the day for our next client, Private White V.C.

Private White V.C. – A Cheaper Phone System

Private White V.C., a luxury casualwear retailer synonymous with Manchester, enjoys a rich heritage in textiles and fashion. While age and tradition are the cornerstones of this brand, when it came to the company’s telephony system, old was not the ‘new new’.

The business had previously relied on traditional phone lines but had reached the point of saturation: no more phone lines could be added and clients couldn’t get through.

With VoIP, Private White V.C. can quickly and cheaply add phone lines and handsets to match demand. Via an online portal, staff can manage numbers, call forwarding, hold music, allocation and lines using one simple interface. The technology can scale with the business.

CQM Training and Consulting – VoIP Conference Phone Calling

CQM provide lean implementation, management training and strategy development services to businesses across the UK. With a mobile workforce, communication was essential to keep this busy team in touch.

Setting up a VoIP service for the business and ensuring all staff were trained to use it, meant this national organisation could finally communicate with ease. VoIP services – such as conference calling – can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Staff can receive email alerts when voice messages are left and they take their number with them, wherever they are in the country.

This cost-effective and flexible VoIP service empowers CQM to do better business. What could it do for your business?

To find out more about VoIP services, contact San-iT today.

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