How SMEs can improve sustainability through technology

Given the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, it’s imperative for businesses to actively contribute to carbon reduction efforts in line with environmental regulations and industry standards.

A survey conducted by the SME Climate Hub found that Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are eager to help fight climate change, though lack a clear long-term plan to mitigate their carbon emissions. But even by implementing short-term actions, businesses can have an immediate positive impact on the environment.

Repurpose outdated IT equipment

When it comes time to retire your IT assets, it’s crucial to ensure their environmentally responsible disposal. Recycling obsolete hardware not only minimises electronic waste and its environmental impact but also allows for their reuse in new devices, or donation to charitable causes and educational institutions.

Opt for energy-efficient hardware

Going paperless is a great way to save costs and reduce your company’s environmental impact. Where that’s not option, businesses can adopt a green IT ethos by deploying managed print services. These solutions empower you to tailor printing preferences, such as default settings for all users like black-and-white double-sided printing. Additionally, measures like card- or PIN-controlled printing discourage unnecessary paper usage and  accountability.

Encourage remote working

Embracing remote or hybrid work setups can significantly contribute to carbon reduction efforts. By allowing employees to work from home, your company can substantially reduce its environmental footprint. With fewer individuals commuting to the office daily and reduced office space utilisation, this approach can lead to decreased energy consumption and lower emissions.

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