Getting back some sanity on safari

The last year has been hard for everyone, with periods in isolation and many changes to work, as well as to personal lives. One thing that hasn’t changed during the pandemic, though, is the ability for staff at San-iT to take two days away from the business each year as part of our SaniTy Day scheme.

Having worked from home since March, by summer 2020, I felt it was time to take a day away from Technology and enjoy something I had not done in many years by visiting a Safari Park – Knowsley – over near Liverpool.

We were booked in to visit at 10:30 and although we arrived 15 minutes earlier were waved through straight away and set off on safari! If you haven’t previously visited, the way around the park is all sign-posted, on decent roads and there are plenty of rangers all about.

I’ve always loved animals and it was nice to see so much space used in the park. First up, we had herds of Deer and a bad view of Camels hiding in their shack before dropping down to the furthest part of the park to see the Rhinos.

Following a herd of Buffalo round to the middle of the park, we came with some interest to one of my favourites, the Baboon enclosure. I had never visited Knowsley, but I had heard rumours of just how interested their Baboons were in cars, so we entered the large gates with hope we would see a few of them. We need not have worried though as there were hundreds running all over cars. Luckily, we only had one gnawing at our aerial, unlike the Mercedes behind that lost a mirror and a wiper!

All fixable though right, and part of the fun! And exactly why we used my partners car that day not mine! It is worth noting that you can use the Baboon free track as well to see but not experience them.

Next up was park royalty, namely the Lion enclosure. That day, we were lucky. Instead being piled in a heap sleeping, they were up and around and in one case having good scratch too. We had a good 20 minutes here before others arrived in their cars, so we gave up our viewing point.

A break from the daily work routine to help feel refreshed and recharged.

As we moved away from the Lions, we had a good view of the Camel herd, although they were not as photogenic, constantly moving and so blurring shots!

This brought us back to the start of the Safari Drive but that is only half the park really as we also then parked up to follow the Foot Safari as well.

So much to see during this Safari as well, so I’m glad we left plenty of time in the day. Unfortunately, the Sealions were not available that day but the pure cheekiness of the Meerkats more than made up for this. I could watch them for ages.

We moved on to the Giraffes, which are always impressive…

…but it was the Tigers that starred in this area in my opinion. Only one was out and about, walking up and down right in front of us, and did seem at one point to just stop and look directly at us. 

This rounded off a fantastic day and gave some much needed Sanity back.

I can only thank San-iT for giving me the chance to still have a break from the daily work routine and technology to help feel refreshed and recharged.

Matt Simmons, Technical Director

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