Event: Technology in the Hybrid Workplace, 20 May

Virtual Round Table 10:00 – 11:00 Thursday 20 May

Technological challenges and corporate cultures that once stood in the way of remote working were pushed aside when the pandemic hit, bringing about a significant change in where work takes place.

Technology was at the forefront in supporting the shift from office working to home working, but what’s next?

As many businesses plan for hybrid working in the long term, for those who have been able to work remotely during the last year, it’s probably here to stay for at least part of the week.

But new ways of working were quickly introduced as we went into crisis mode.

  • Are the solutions conceived and implemented as a quick response fit for the future?
  • What might you need to consider in order to work smarter and operate safer in a hybrid workplace?

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Join us as we discuss what’s next and how embracing new technologies can keep your systems secure, build productive and engaged teams, and help your business grow wherever work happens.

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