What is Technical Customer Support?

At San-iT we place as much importance in communication and delivering exceptional customer service as technical experience. That’s why we don’t just deliver technical support; we provide our clients with technical customer support. 

What is Technical Support?

Technical support, or tech support, refers to services provided to help solve common problems experienced by customers with technical products such as computers, software, printers, and other electronic products.

A technical support representative will need to determine why something isn’t working and fix it. This is achieved through a range of methods including phone, email or live chat, and in some cases, problems can be resolved by online knowledge bases.

If there are software installation issues, login errors or other technical difficulties, a technical support representative will guide the customer through a series of steps designed to identify the problem and resolve it.

What is Technical Customer Support from San-iT?

At San-iT we don’t follow the traditional SLAs (Service Level Agreements) of our competitors. This means our customers won’t have to wait four hours because their support request has been deemed too low priority.

We understand that, if one of our customers has taken the time to contact us, it means this is important to them, and so it is important to us.

And as our technical customer support isn’t restricted by basic SLAs of managed service providers, we can help businesses as and when they need it, acting as an extended arm of their business and as an internal IT department rather than an outsider. Every member of our team has been carefully recruited to strengthen this connection.

Nor do we follow the traditional 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support team model where customers speak to a different person each time. We structure our technical customer support teams to ensure our clients receive a personal touch and bespoke care. You will also receive your own technical customer support team that knows your system inside and out.

By monitoring our customers’ IT systems 24/7 through our remote monitoring and management software, we also make sure you have confidence in the IT technology important to the running of your business every day.

Is Your Business Protected by Technical Customer Support?

We often speak with companies that lack professional IT support. A surprising number of companies entrust their IT technology and systems critical to the running of their business to a ‘friend of a friend’ or the office computer guru.

While this can help cut costs in the short term, it is not a secure or efficient way of protecting your business and could mean you lose out in the long run when you suffer technical problems.

Entrust your technical customer support to San-iT and work with an IT support company that:

  • Provides instant support.
  • Delivers exceptional customer service and technical expertise.
  • Provides clients with their own dedicated technical customer support team.
  • Takes the time to develop a personal relationship.
  • Monitors your systems 24/7.
  • Acts as an extended arm of your business.

Give us a call on 0161 359 3689 or email us at [email protected] to achieve IT sanity by entrusting your technical customer support to a team that is always there to help you.

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