VoIP: Phone calls haven't changed, but the way you do them has

VoIP: Phone calls haven't changed, but the way you do them has

It’s amazing how a simple internet connection can transform your business. VoIP – or Voice over Internet Protocol, to you and me – allows you to make low-cost phone calls over the internet without the need for a physical phone system. It’s the future, and it’s also just one of the ways we can help you improve your business efficiency.

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The importance of feeling connected wherever you are

As the way you work changes, we help you adapt by embracing the latest technology. Take the humble phone call for example. With VoIP you can make high quality calls just like you always have done, but without the need for hardware that can often go wrong.

Using a Cloud-based VoIP phone system opens up a world of new features too. You can record conversations to download and playback – which is useful for staff training – and a free voicemail to email service makes it simple to check messages.

And because you can use the system wherever there’s an internet connection, VoIP is a great disaster recovery solution if things go down in your office.

With the increase in remote working, it’s crucial that you keep your teams talking and collaborating. VoIP is part of the solution. We can set things up so one call can be answered by everyone in a team or department to ensure they feel connected.

The switchover to our new systems was practically seamless

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What we do

  1. We’ll look at your internet connection to ensure it can run VoIP smoothly. If needed, there’s a good chance we can speed things up for you.
  2. We’ll migrate from your existing phone system to VoIP with minimum disruption.
  3. Getting your team up to speed on the new system is important, and we’ll take them through how everything works.

The benefits to you laid out simply

  • You save money. Set up fees are low, call charges are much less than with a landline (especially international calls), and a single monthly fee covers everything.
  • Your team can work from anywhere. You no longer need a physical phone system, and VoIP numbers aren’t tied to a specific location.
  • As a Cloud-based telephony system VoIP can effortlessly scale with your business.

Our 3 point promise

  1. We’ll always aim to keep it simple for you, no matter how complicated it gets
  2. We’ll continuously look for opportunities to help you work smarter and operate safer
  3. We’ll provide you with a talented team you can trust to understand your business

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