I really enjoy working for a company that creates a positive environment.


George, Managed Services Engineer

I started my apprenticeship at San-iT in May 2024, and am still picking my specialisation. I’m excited to work in the IT sector, an area I have long had a passion for, and which I feel fits me so well.

My role is ever expanding as I get further into my apprenticeship. I currently assist with maintenance of backup systems and have worked on several internal San-iT projects that will improve quality of life for the team.

I enjoy the nature of the work, being able to be efficient and self-reliant while having plenty of people to assist me, and for me to assist. There is an emphasis on creating a positive environment, which is something that I value greatly.

I am drawn to both of these aspects of the company and I hope to contribute to it further.

The greatest kind of working environment is the one where it doesn’t feel like work at all. At San-iT, people are inspired, not obligated. People embrace, and don’t simply tolerate. Hard work comes from a desire to succeed, rather than from arbitrary pressures.

Its people have a drive and a passion that cannot be achieved through artificial means.

I’ve had a love of video games since I was about five years old. I got a free game for my computer and played it every day after school. It took me months to beat. Almost twenty-five years later and that initial passion hasn’t died. Though I do get through them a lot faster these days.

My other hobbies involve writing fiction, it was through this that I met my partner, and I have a long back catalogue of published and unpublished works. Over the years I’ve done several country and hill walks and visited many places ranging from most of Europe to India.

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