I build good relationships with clients. My work ethos is if the client is happy, I’m happy.


Phil, Projects and Escalation Engineer

I have been at San-iT for a good 4 years now – since 2016. They seem to have been some of the fastest years of my life!

I have roughly 8 years total IT experience, from starting in a local PC repair shop with mostly self-taught knowledge. I’m now a Projects and Escalation Engineer.

I am really a jack of all trades at the moment, but I believe I shine when it comes to translating issues into plain English for clients, and building relationships with said clients. My main responsibility is to provide an excellent service, and I bring a friendly approach to the team, so fit in well.

I am generally quite relaxed in most things but can fully engage when required. I build good relationships with clients, and feel like I can be professional but informal, which makes coming to work a nice experience. My work ethos is if the client is happy, I’m happy. I would say my approach is customer first. We’re not all about the money, if the solution isn’t the best one for the client. We have a wide range of clients, so each day is different as they all have very different challenges and different businesses.

I very much value everyone that I work with at San-iT, but the office dogs are my preferred colleagues, haha!  

Outside of work, I have always been a fan of cooking, but recently I bought a slow cooker which I feel has turned me into my parents as I ate a lot of slow cooked food growing up! I’m sure my food is better though 😉

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