No two days are the same, so I’m always learning and there’s no danger of feeling bored.

Sam Owolabi

Sam Owolabi, Managed Services Engineer

I’m a Managed Services Engineer at San-iT. I’ve been working here since 2018, starting off in a 1st Line Support role.

Before that, I worked in a couple of bigger organisations, on networks and IT support. It gave me good experience of the industry and helped me develop expertise, but every day started to feel the same. When I joined San-iT, I knew there would be more variety and a better opportunity for development, with support along the way.

During the working day, I’m usually busy answering client calls, and resolving their issues. Since I first started, there’s been big a change in the kinds of problems we’re resolving, with more people working remotely, so I’ve developed extra knowledge and expertise, all of which helps us provide a better service. I also get the chance to be involved in longer term and new business projects. No two days are the same, so I’m always learning and there’s no danger of feeling bored.

What makes San-iT different is the whole ethos of the company. We’re encouraged to share information and knowledge. Everyone is open. You feel you are a part of everything that is going on, not isolated and just focused on what your team is busy working on. Good work is always recognised, which keeps you motivated to put in the effort to deliver the best service.

It’s a friendly team of people who get along and like to socialise together. I feel really supported in my work, and even beyond work on a personal level.

Outside of working hours, I’m usually kept busy (in a good way) by my daughter – my first child – at the park or playing at home. Music is a big interest of mine, and if I get the time that means creating music as well as listening.

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