Challenges keep things interesting for me, and I feel lucky to be able to work with our clients to get the most out of their technology.


Seb, Director of Client Partnerships

I’m Client Partnerships Director at San-iT.  I’ve been working at San-iT since 2012 and was the third external member of staff to be hired.

I’ve always been interested in IT. I completed a Computer Science Degree at Aberystwyth Uni and came to San-iT straight from there.

I’ve worked my way up through various roles from being a techy, so I know most areas of the business and know our long-standing customers well. My expertise now is in customer facing aspects such as consultancy, putting together client proposals and solutions, and finding the products and services to best fit a client’s needs. Basically, working with clients to make IT work for them. Also, I’m very hands on and enjoy planning projects breaking down large projects into more manageable chunks for the techs.

My main responsibility is bringing on new customers, from initial meetings, through to fact finding and consultancy. I build out solutions based on their business challenges. Once we’ve secured a client, I help out with the planning of projects. I’m involved in client management and I’m an escalation point for any issues.

My days usually involve meeting with existing clients for catchups, or meeting with potential clients to look at their business plans and finding technology solutions that can help them achieve their goals. I like to look at the bigger picture and what might be ahead, but still get into the detail of everything, understanding as much as a I can so I know I’m coming up with the right solution.

I’m an easy-going and positive person, and always come to work in a good mood. It’s important to enjoy a laugh with colleagues and clients. I enjoy the fast-paced environment at San-iT because I thrive on problem solving and change. Challenges keep things interesting for me, and I feel lucky to be able to work with our clients to get the most out of their technology.

I love helping people. It’s great to go into a new client and speak passionately about the tech and open their eyes on how it can revolutionise what they do, saving them time and money and helping them work more efficiently. There’s a real satisfaction when a new solution is in place and technology ‘just works’. We build strong partnerships with clients, so that feel they can ask anything, anytime and feel confident we will find a solution.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my family. We’re close knit and spend a lot of time doing things together. I also have a cocker spaniel, so that means a lot of walking and training, and often a trip to the pub with the dog in tow to meet up with friends. Outside of work, I’m still keen on challenges and projects, so I’m usually doing DIY of some kind. When I’m not too busy on a project, I love cars and watch motorsport of any kind.

Call Seb on 0800 084 2575 to talk about your business goals and challenges, and to discover a solution that revolutionises how you work.