Enhanced performance with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, onsite servers and Microsoft Azure for GB Taekwondo

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Business challenge

Business challenge

GB Taekwondo are responsible for preparing and managing British athletes to compete on the world stage, providing World Class Performance and Talent Pathway programmes to help athletes be their best. San-iT have supported GBT since 2016 when the ageing server and networking infrastructure reached the end of their manufacturer warranties and were due for a complete refresh. At that time, we successfully migrated the majority of key services over to Microsoft 365.

More recently, the GB Taekwondo team turned to San-iT to enhance the technology implemented to support the training and performance analysis of their established and emerging athletes.

The strategic solution

  • We reviewed the complete networking infrastructure and re-negotiated a Wireless Leased line with more than double the bandwidth for a lower monthly cost.
  • Following this, a new firewall was implemented to ensure the network is secure and monitored around the clock.
  • Cloud-managed POE switches were employed to provide all IT devices with wired network connections, along with the IP based video capture systems located in the training hall, used by the Performance Analysts.
  • The video capture systems run constantly and allow the analysts and athletes to review performance, which in turn creates large amounts of video data.
  • The on-site servers have been replaced with SSD storage based servers to ensure all required data can be stored, streamed and moved quickly with mobile devices and keep the bespoke applications running around the clock.
  • Coupled with this, new backup power supplies have been installed to ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Utilising Microsoft Azure storage solutions, San-iT have managed to reduce backup costs while ensuring data is available and accessible quickly when on site at the training centre, staff working at home, or at major international events.

The outcome

Now the new systems are in place, GBT have a much faster network backbone which has reduced file transfer times and increased the quality of video streaming. The increased specification of the server has increased the performance of all the internal applications. With file sizes continually growing, we also ensured the storage capacity of the server was increased to cope with the demand.

Thanks to San-iT, GB Taekwondo now have the right technology in place to provide their athletes with everything they need for a gold-medal performance.

The outcome

Having the confidence knowing that they are only a quick phone call away helps me feel reassured that I can work to the world class level I need to when supporting our Olympic athletes

Mark Bone GB Taekwondo

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