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Business challenge

Business challenge

J+D Forecasting is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical forecasting companies, creating models that meet the needs of individuals and pharmaceutical companies. Ensuring clients are central to J+D’s work, they create services and solutions based around their specific business requirements.

When J+D needed to enhance their cyber security to meet the specific requirements of a new client contract,  they looked to San-iT for the latest solutions.

The strategic solution

San-iT identified and specified relevant technologies to meet each requirement, employing solutions from a range of our expert partners, including:

  • Advanced multifactor authentication: utilising the latest Yubikey 5 NFC from Yubico, we secured J+D’s Office 365 tenancy with passwordless authentication. This provides extreme resiliency against phishing and account takeovers whilst increasing ease of access by removing the need to remember complex passwords.
  • Centrally managed device encryption and peripheral restrictions: utilising Sophos endpoint protection, we encrypted every user device with a user defined pin, ensuring that in the event a device was stolen there would be no risk of data leakage. All recovery keys are also secured in a centralised secure portal for easy access, if required. The use of external storage devices was also restricted to prevent the use of any insecure data sharing or loss.
  • Full patch management solution: utilising San-iT’s centralised device management solution, we deployed a patch compliance policy which now monitors and enforces Windows security and feature updates whilst easily tracking compliance across the estate.
  • Following the implementation of the above projects, we then performed our bespoke security audit, identifying risk areas and providing a roadmap of future recommendations that matched the needs of their business and their budget.

The outcome

With the work completed, J+D are now at the leading edge of cyber security for a business of their size. Robust passwordless authentication, full device encryption and centralised patch management provide them with a great all-round security posture, fit to match the ambitions of the business and ensuring their cyber security posture meets the needs of their own customers.

The outcome

They understand our business, they provide a great service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them

Maura Scahill J+D Forecasting

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