Mail Migration and Office 365 Implementation for McCrory Brickwork

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Business challenge

Business challenge

Specialist masonry contractor McCrory Brickwork supplies labour, plant and materials for major contracts to blue chip clients.

When they came to us to talk about improving their IT systems, they were running an out-of-date and error-prone Microsoft Office 2007 platform.

Staff were suffering frequent email problems, including emails that wouldn’t send, weren’t received, or simply disappeared. People were struggling to send and receive large attachments such as site photos, and regularly had to delete emails because there wasn’t space for them.

In addition, they had no way of syncing email across devices. This was becoming more and more of a problem with the increasing use of laptops and mobiles.

The strategic solution

San-iT implemented Microsoft Office 365 including email.

  • Migrated all emails, contacts and calendars over from the old system.
  • Installed Office 2016 for each user so they can work from up to 5 devices.
  • Set up the new system on all phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Trained and supported staff so people could use the new system confidently and efficiently.

The outcome

With our help, McCrory Brickwork now have both a reliable and efficient cloud-based email system and an
up-to-date Microsoft Office platform. Staff can sync emails and files between devices, send large attachments,
and no longer have to delete emails due to lack of storage space.

The outcome
  • Staff can now rely on email working as it should.
  • Office applications are the same across all platforms and will stay updated, so incompatibilities can’t arise.
  • People can work efficiently from anywhere, because all devices are fully in sync.
  • The system can handle attachments of up to 150 MB, saving time, stress and the need for work-arounds.
  • Email storage is no longer a problem, with 50 GB inboxes and online archiving.
  • Shared calendars are making it easier to make contact and arrange meetings.
  • There’s less spam, increasing productivity.
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The switchover to our new systems was practically seamless

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