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Business challenge

Business challenge

Innovative Technology are one of the leading providers of cash handling technology in the world. With a global staff of around 500, they have their own in-house IT team to handle day-to-day operations. They came to us looking for input at a strategic level as well as additional expertise to help their own team implement new projects.

The strategic solution

  • San-iT provided strategic-level guidance on how best to use IT within the business.
  • We conducted a full security audit with recommendations for improvements, looking at how best to keep head office communications secure with staff working both across a variety of different time zones and often in remote locations.
  • We put a company-wide plan in place for Microsoft Office 365 implementation, briefed the in-house IT team on the technical steps needed, and dealt with queries as the team worked on the implementation.

The outcome

Innovative Technology know they have IT Director level support to call on whenever they need it. They can move forward with IT-related projects confident they are basing decisions on sound information and knowing support is at hand with both planning and implementation.

The outcome

San-iT’s efficient support makes my job a lot easier

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