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Business challenge

Business challenge

TRV Group are expert suppliers of linear and display LED lighting, based in Manchester. They approached us as they wanted to ensure that their network, IT security and strategy were in expert hands and would provide a safe and secure platform that would continue to support the rapid expansion of the business. This required a firm plan and roadmap with regards to upscaling their IT, WIFI connectivity and cyber security across the business.

The strategic solution

After discussions with all relevant stakeholders within the business, we were able to provide a detailed roadmap which allowed us to:

  • Design a new network using Sophos and Ubiquiti equipment to replace the existing ageing and convoluted setup. With the cloud management, alerting and regular security updates of equipment, they could be sure the network was robust and secure to support the demands as the business grows.
  • Implement a cloud backup of every item within Google Workspace, including mailboxes, Google user drives and shared data. This can now be restored or recovered from any day, meaning no more lost files or accidentally deleted emails.
  • Take over end support, allowing for instant help just a phone call or email away to free up internal resource.

The outcome

The client was really impressed with the quality and speed of our response. San-iT ensured that:

The outcome
  • The network refresh was tested offsite and the changeover happened quickly with minimal impact to the client • The client now has a stable and secure network environment
  • They now have additional visibility of the network and meshing WIFI, allowing seamless experience throughout the large site
  • Peace of mind that all mailboxes and company data is securely backed up
  • Furthermore, working with San-iT on an ongoing basis ensures that they can access remote or on-site support

San-iT took on a lot of the heavy lifting and streamlined our IT, resulting in significant savings and freeing up the time of several employees. We have a great working relationship and they are a key part of keeping the business running.

David Boultbee, Head of Technical TRV Group

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