What is VoIP and Why do Businesses Need It?

More and more business owners are now making the decision to switch to VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and allows you to make low-cost phone calls over the internet. If you’d like a bit more information about exactly what VoIP is before scrolling down, click here for our full guide.

If you’re all clued up, read on as we bring you some of the top reasons why companies are making the switch…

Why Businesses Need VoIP…

A study by Information Week Research looked into VoIP trends and why companies were using VoIP/thinking about using it. The study found that out of 280 decision makers, companies were using VoIP for the following reasons…

  • Lower telecommunications costs – 66%
  • Desire to merge voice and data networks – 43%
  • Obtain a platform for one-stop communications in two or more areas – 41%
  • Increase collaboration benefits in two or more areas – 36%
  • Ease of management – 31%
  • Scalability – 24%

As you can see from the study above, the vast majority of companies were using/considering VoIP in order to reduce costs.

How does VoIP reduce costs?

Switching to VoIP not only reduces set up costs, it also saves you money on call charges and monthly fees.  This is particularly beneficial if your company makes a lot of international phone calls.

What other advantages does VoIP offer?

Not only is VoIP a practical every day tool for businesses, it’s also a great disaster recovery solution. If your business relies on telephone calls, it could be detrimental to business if your phone systems go down or become damaged.

In the event of a disaster, VoIP means that are able to take calls anywhere there is an internet connection.

If you’d like more advice on VoIP and how we can make the transition as easy as possible, get in touch with our team today – 0800 084 2575.

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