Four benefits of switching to a Cloud (VoIP) telephony solution

Replacing your onsite telephony solution with a Cloud (VoIP) alternative will provide the same functionality and call quality as your existing system but also includes the following:


Cloud systems are entirely flexible allowing for an individual or multiple people to start with their own connection and then increase as and when needed. It removes the need for additional infrastructure and allows for easy expansion without the labour costs.


Cloud VoiP systems work on a subscription basis moving costs to operational rather than capital spending. This means you only pay for what you need, so if you’ve got four users you pay for four, rather than having to buy a system that can support ‘up to 10’, wasting capacity and money.

Business Resilience

Most cloud computing solutions are much more secure and resilient than onsite equivalents. The majority of systems allow for moving of lines from desk phones to mobile phones so a loss of internet in the office doesn’t mean a loss of calls.

Added Value

Added features you might already pay extra for are typically all-inclusive within basic subscription service costs. Voicemail to email, call-logging, music on hold, auto-attendant, Hunt Groups and much more too.

Moving away from expensive and cumbersome onsite equipment to a fully flexible model in the cloud allows a business to fully consider what is needed and work from anywhere. Additionally, the new link-ups to collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams can become invaluable for internal, client and partner conversations whether people are working in the office or from home.

Should you be switching to VoiP?

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