Taking a human-centred approach when migrating to the cloud

Managing your transition to a cloud-based system, whether an application or hardware, involves looking at the technology involved, as well as the people and processes within the business itself.

Innovation can be transformational but driving internal change can often be met with resistance, especially from those with a “we’ve always done it this way” mindset.

Get internal buy-in

To kick things off on the front foot, we’d recommend including people who’ll be impacted within an early planning phase so they feel part of the process and not sat outside it. Equally critical is ensuring effective communication throughout implementation. Understanding the why and broader picture might just soften even the sternest resistance to change.

Plan in training

From your perspective, understanding objections and the human behaviours that drive will help to identify training requirements – tech or otherwise. A proper training plan, immediately post-change, whether individually or in groups, will fuel adoption of new practices and procedures. Don’t slip into the temptation of “we’ll get going for now and sort some extra training in a few weeks”. It won’t ever happen. Plan it, embed it. And repeat if necessary.

Rely on expert knowledge

The experts at San-iT have of course seen all this before and can help plan and project manage an effective programme of change including migration to the cloud, as well as ongoing training. Our goal is always widespread and successful adoption across the entire business so you can realise the maximum commercial benefit.

Contact us to learn more

We provide a full range of cloud services that includes back-up and disaster recovery, email and Office tools, collaboration, telephony and full infrastructure in the cloud. Whatever your need, we are always happy to discuss and recommend cloud or hybrid solutions and to advise strategically on improvements to current systems and applications.

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