Celebrating San-iT’s 10th Birthday

March 28th 2018 marked our 10th year in business!  To celebrate this milestone, we’ve written a few words to share our story and give thanks to our clients and partners who have helped the business grow over the last few years and into the future.

From Small Acorns…

10 years ago, our MD, Barry Lowe, swapped his steady job as IT manager for a thrilling new venture.

He loved his past IT roles, helping various businesses improve their infrastructure through his technical expertise, but Barry was often left hungry for bigger and greater challenges. This is what ignited the inception of San-iT.

In the beginning, the business was just Barry with the support of a Nokia and a laptop. Now, eighteen IT experts commandeer our Manchester-based business, helping clients streamline their processes and secure their data so they can work more efficiently and securely, saving time and money.

How did our team raise San-iT to such incredible heights? Through a genuine desire to help businesses make the very best use of IT with the customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do.

A Collaborative Approach

The fact that San-iT has grown predominantly through recommendations is something we are exceptionally proud of.

Unlike a typical supplier, we aim to become an extended arm of our clients’ businesses, operating like an internal IT department rather than an outsider. Every team member has been carefully recruited to strengthen this connection; San-iT has attached as much importance to communication and delivering exceptional customer service as technical experience and expertise.

The technical support clients gain isn’t restricted by basic SLAs of managed service providers. By helping businesses as and when they need IT assistance, San-iT moulds its services around clients respecting their time and budgets.

If a customer steps away from their work to report an issue, that’s enough indication that the problem requires immediate attention; no San-iT customer has to wait for an urgent fix. Clients’ systems are also monitored in the background 24/7 so the team can solve IT problems as soon as they arise.

It’s these strong working ethics and a commitment to customer service that has helped the business retain clients from the early days.

A Journey of Tremendous Growth

Through the team’s dedication and hard work, San-iT has experienced year-on-year growth. 2016 was the year of rapid development thanks to the team earning a place on the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business course. The takeaway from this business accelerating experience was a carefully deliberated business growth plan that enabled San-iT to smash financial targets for its 10th year.

The company’s collective efforts and accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. Last year, we were voted ‘Best IT Support Company’ for the Talk of Manchester Awards. Recognition for the business’s quality of service meant a great deal to Barry and his team, positioning San-iT as the top IT solutions provider in Greater Manchester.

Supercharged IT Support on the Horizon

San-iT is an ambassador for innovation and digital transformation and this is the focus for our future growth. Our objectives align with consistent delivery of the best possible IT support for our existing and future clients. That means remaining a steadfast advocator of the cloud and its many benefits.

Last year, we gained Microsoft silver status for cloud platform competency: a nod to our delivery of first-rate digital solutions. Plans are now in motion to achieve gold status to unlock further training on cutting-edge Microsoft technology. Gaining new ISO Accreditations is also on the to-do list so San-iT clients can benefit from unrivalled technical assistance.

A Big Thank You From the Team

Barry and his team have been amazed at the quality of support from San-iT’s partners. They have helped shape the company to be the powerhouse IT provider we are today. The team is incredibly grateful for all our partners’ hard work and we are excited to strengthen these relationships further as the business continues to grow.

Celebration Time

Barry treated the team to a delicious lunch in Manchester to mark San-iT’s 10th birthday. In June, the celebrations will continue with an Escape Room and Junkyard Golf awayday. Stay tuned for pictures of more business birthday antics!

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