What is a Net Promoter Score, and what does it mean to you?

When choosing an IT Service Provider, it’s difficult to know where to start. Case studies can tell you some of the story but can often paint a rosier picture than the day-to-day service provided.

At San-iT, we pride ourselves on helping businesses work smarter, operate safer and think bigger. We also pride ourselves on our transparency, which is why you can see our Net Promoter Score on our homepage.

What is a Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score is a standard global metric for rating customer experience. It often takes the form of a single question, for example, ‘How likely are you to recommend our company/service/product to a friend?’ The survey recipient then simply enters a score between 1-10, one being the lowest, and ten being the highest. 

Individual scores are then split into three segments.


These are individuals who score their experience with a company either a 9 or 10. These people have had their lives enriched by a company, are loyal customers, trust the company, and would recommend the service to their friends and colleagues.


These are people who have scored a company between 7-8. They have got what they paid for, and nothing more, and make few referrals to friends and colleagues.


These are people who have scored the company between 0-6. They feel that their lives have been diminished by dealings with the company. They are disaffected and dissatisfied by the level of service that they have received, and would not recommend the company at all to friends and colleagues.

How is a Net Promoter Score Calculated?

An overall Net Promoter Score is calculated using the following metric:

Net Promoter Score = %Promoters %Detractors

Any company that scores over 50% on their overall score is widely recognised as providing a good standard of customer service.

Currently, the average score across the UK tech industry is 58%. As of June 2021, our Net Promoter Score is 94.0% –  a score that is significantly above industry average, and one that we are highly proud of. 

How did we achieve this score? 

By being committed to delivering an outstanding service. It’s our mission statement. 

We assign our clients to a small, dedicated team of experts that know their business. This ensures that a client can speak to somebody who they know whenever they get in touch with us. Our clients are not just a number. We also don’t follow the traditional IT support model where a call is logged by a less-experienced engineer and then escalated. Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly support is always on-hand.

We ensure that this is always the case by asking our clients to rate our service using the Net Promoter Score system.

Our clients tell us that they love the personal approach of working with a small and dedicated team to help their businesses run smoother and grow faster. Here are some of the nice things that our clients have said about us.

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