How San-iT Helped Go! Upgrade its IT Infrastructure

When growth is on the menu, businesses can rely on GO! New Business Transformation to ignite phenomenal progress.

This business development and consultancy startup offers creative, marketing, digital and ad-tech companies:

  • A future-proof strategy – a long-term roadmap to retain and attract new clients
  • Unrivalled knowledge – as well as its in-house experts, GO! is partnered with pioneers in their industries
  • Brand contacts – connecting brands to agency leaders who can deliver their projects
  • Ongoing support – helping clients’ teams work as effectively as they can to win business

GO! Is expanding at a rapid rate due to consistently achieving exceptional results for its clients. And, while helping businesses grow from strength-to-strength, the startup too is on the road to expansion.  Ambitious growth plans requires a need for exceptional talent for GO!, and the infrastructure to help their ever growing team work efficiently and effectively.

IT Infrastructure Support

The business’ evolution brought to light the need to upgrade its IT infrastructure. This is where San-iT, came in.

GO! was looking for a stress-free implementation of new software and hardware to provide the foundations for operational excellence. It wanted to unlock greater flexibility and business efficiency and no longer be held back by slow and awkward processes.

The technical changes San-iT facilitated ensured GO!’s desired results were achieved. This is how.

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

San-iT helped GO! transition to cloud computing. A natural next step for progression, cloud technology gave the business the flexibility essential for progress.

  • Communication became instant and effortless. Now, employees can talk to each other and to clients no matter where they’re based.
  • Business files can be shared and stored through the cloud. There’s no need to send copies via email or clog up a computer’s storage.
  • Tasks are completed faster, ensuring the team can easily keep up with their ever-growing workload without being overwhelmed.
  • The business can upscale rapidly in line with client acquisition and recruitment.

All of this was accomplished with with zero disruption to business as usual. The transition was a breeze and resulted in no downtime, as GO!’s Founder and CEO, Gareth Oakley explains:

“San-iT took away all the hassle you would usually associate with IT infrastructure projects. It was a seamless transition to cloud computing which has helped us work more collaboratively and with greater flexibility.”

Scalable IT Solution

With a big and bright future on the horizon, GO! needed IT systems that wouldn’t become obsolete years down the line:

“Our business is growing at a phenomenal rate. We needed technology to help us keep up. And, with plans to grow our team, it was essential that the tech could scale-up and accommodate additional staff.”

San-iT gave GO! the technical prowess required to stay ahead of the game and consistently deliver the best possible service to its clients in the long run.

With future-proof IT solutions, the business can continue to scale-up, confident in the knowledge that it’s IT systems are an asset, not a hindrance, to that journey.

IT Security

The ultimate client experience? Gain a business ally who will support you as you continue to grow. That’s what GO! secured through San-iT.

Over the course of working together!, San-iT developed a strong bond with the company. GO! learned that it can rely on us to deliver projects on time and to always be available when they need IT assistance.  

And, crucially, the business enjoyed working with San-iT:

Working with San-iT is a pleasure. Everyone in the team is personable and approachable and their customer service is second to none.”

The mission to update GO!’s IT infrastructure to make it more robust, secure and flexible was completed. But the work is far from over:

“At Time For GO! mutual growth is what we stand for. San-iT understood the opportunity that working with us would bring and we look forward to continuing to work with them long into the future.”

Both businesses will continue to collaborate on GO!’s upcoming plans, ensuring the company has the technical power to soar.

Need IT Support?

When you’re hiring new staff, taking on more clients and planning new services, you need IT systems that can keep up. Make the transition to better technology with our help. Call us on 0800 084 2575 today for more information.

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