How Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Benefits Your Business

What is included?
1.) Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (manages usernames and passwords)
2.) Microsoft Intune (manages the device that is being used to access corporate data)
3.) Microsoft Azure Rights Management (manages the data that lives on your devices)
4.) Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics (analyses patterns and the activity of where people are accessing your data from)

1.) Azure Active Directory Premium

What is it?

This system manages access to your Corporate Data and applications wherever and however your users need access.

Key features:

  • Single Sign on and location aware access (same password for all systems and restricted access to just head office if required)
  • Multi factor authentication (sensitive data such as HR or Financial data can be protected by requiring the user to enter a pin from a text message or mobile app before access is granted)
  • Self-service password reset for Office 365 and corporate network accounts (users can reset and manage their password without needing to contact support people)

How does it benefit my business?

  • Staff don’t have to remember multiple passwords
  • When staff leave there is just one password to lock out / reset
  • There is no risk of Staff posting to corporate social media accounts without permission

2.) Intune Device and App Management

What is it?

This system manages your personal or corporate devices.

Key Features:

  • Selective wipe (remove corporate data and leave personal data intact)
  • Restrict access to corporate data / emails to only authorised devices or locations
  • Manage and deploy applications to desktops and mobile devices
  • Manage updates and patching of devices wherever they are

How does it benefit my business?

  • Only authorised staff can access corporate email and systems on mobile devices or devices outside of the corporate network
  • Ensure that all staff have any required applications on their phone (CRM, HR etc)
  • You have the control to turn off features such as mobile cameras or screen shots, require passwords and device encryption for any device that has corporate data on it, you can even stop cut paste and copy to stop people from copying emails to personal accounts.
  • You can securely wipe only corporate data from personal devices leaving personal pictures and apps untouched.
  • Manage security patching of all devices wherever they are and block access to corporate data if they are deemed unsecure due to security patches not being up to date.

3. Microsoft Azure Rights Management

What is it?

This system protects corporate data no matter where it is.

Rights Management ensures that company data (files) are secured in a way it doesn’t matter whether this information resides inside or outside the company. Security is integrated in the file itself and controllable through the RMS Track and Usage portal.

Key Features:

  • Management reports or client lists will not be able to be opened if they are taken off site via emailing to competitors or copied to a USB stick.
  • Every single interaction with files secured by the system is tracked no matter where it is, you can report and alert on things such as attempts to print or open documents.

How Does it benefit my business?

Azure Rights Management gives you piece of mind that your corporate data and intellectual property is secure and at the same time gives your users freedom to access this data how, where and when they like to ensure that they can work efficiently.  Data cannot be leaked to competitors or compromised if lost or stolen.

4.Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics

What is it?

This system monitors who is accessing your files, data and systems and when, where and how they are being accessed. (Please note that this is aimed at on premise applications)

Key Features

  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics works around the clock to help you pinpoint suspicious activities in your systems by profiling and knowing what to look for. Advanced Threat Analytics also identifies known advanced persistent threats and security issues of your on premise systems.


  • If the system sees a user logging into email only in your office for weeks, then suddenly they log in from India 5 minutes after logging in from the UK there is obviously something wrong
  • Someone’s account has been logged into from 5 different places around the world in a short space of time
  • Someone’s account is logged into 50 times in 1 minute
  • Someone’s account is logged into from a known IP address that has fraudulent activity.
  • Someone attempts to log in at 2am from a public internet connection when the user usually only works 9 to 5 in the office.

How it benefits my business

This system learns the behaviour of your users and systems and then alerts you when something out of the ordinary happens. It protects your data from attack from internal staff and compromised systems

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