Why one-off IT support actually costs you more

With the rising role of technology in our lives, digital support becomes an essential consideration for any business that wants to operate as efficiently as possible. Many businesses, however, fall into the trap of presuming that “one-off” online support is more cost-effective than working with a specialist IT support company long-term.

What is “one-off” IT support?

To best save your business money, you need to know what to actually avoid – so let’s define our terms. “One-off” IT support is where a business will only reach out to an IT support company when an issue arises. They’ll wait for a data breach, a virus, or for consistently freezing software before asking for help. 

Why is this actually more expensive?

You might think that only paying for IT support when you actually need it is more affordable. But, in reality, it’s a false economy and you’re actually costing your business more money. Here’s a few reasons why. 

Prevention over cure

Every second of downtime costs your business money – so why wait for a problem to present itself? When you invest in on-going IT support, your provider will be working to keep your systems updated constantly. This means you don’t run the risk of encountering most of these issues in the first place. 

Familiarity saves time

An IT support provider  like San IT will already know your business, network, and your IT system well. This will allow them to diagnose and fix any issues as quickly as possible. With “one-off” IT support, you need to budget for the time required to get familiar with your systems

Enjoy better rates

Most IT support providers will price accordingly when you work with them on an on-going basis. This means that you’re paying money more often, but the actual amount is less and you’re getting more for it. Looking at the numbers alone isn’t enough – you need to think about the actual value for money, and long-term support offers more. 

Get in touch today

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